TC-HP 2042 PC

  • Small compact construction
  • Place-saving storage
  • Wheels and central handle allow easy transport
  • Ideal for mobile applications
  • Modular Jet-Click system for versatile applications
  • Versatile storage options for nozzles, pistols etc.
  • Basic package included:
  • spot/wide jet nozzle, patio cleaner
  • Easy package included:
  • pistol, lance, rotating nozzle, detergent tank, hose
  • Here you will find all the product information…

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The high pressure cleaner TC-HP 2042 PC is a high-quality and powerful pressure cleaner which proves its strength especially during mobile works and because of its small and compact construction. Ambitious cleaning works everywhere in the garden, yard or garage can be executed quickly, comfortably and thoroughly due to 2,000 Watt and a 6 m long high pressure hose. Due to an integrated 0.45 litre detergent container, even special tasks like washing your car or cleaning facades can be solved comfortably. The central handgrip and the stable wheels allow pulling the high pressure cleaner with its accessories comfortably and, thus, care for maximum mobility and simple transport. With its maximum pressure of 150 bar, this cleaning device produces a powerful jet which removes even persistently adhering dirt reliably. The various nozzles and high pressure top parts can be changed quickly and simply by means of the modular jet-click system. To have them available at any time, there are practical stowage possibilities directly at the device. Additionally, this device can also be stowed in a place-saving way due to its compact construction. The easy accessories package and the basic accessories package with terrace cleaner and a point-/wide jet nozzle are included in the set.

Technical Info
Mains supply 220-240 V | 50 Hz
Power 2000 W
Permissible pressure 150 bar
Max. rated pressure 100 bar
Delivery rate 420 L/h
Max. water temperature 60 °C
Max. inlet water pressure 6 bar
Length of high-pressure hose 6 m
Detergent tank 0.45 L
Logistic Info
Length 320 mm
Width 310 mm
Height 655 mm
Gross weight single packaging 10.95 kg
Product weight 6.88 kg
Product Documents


Identnumber 11014

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