• 4-stroke engine with 1 cylinder
  • Electric start function with battery charger
  • Disengageable rear-wheel drive
  • Central cutting height adjustment, 6 levels
  • Ergonomic, folding long handle with soft grip
  • Height-adjustable long handle with 3 settings
  • Attractive, powder-coated sheet steel housing
  • Half / half grass bag with level indicator
  • Handle with starter cable
  • Mulch adapter with mulching function
  • Side ejector
  • Highwheeler
  • Ball bearing wheels
  • Lawn comb
  • Recommended for lawn areas up to 1.800 m²
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Further Information to GH-PM 51 S HW-E (Art. 3404520)


The GH-PM 51 S HW-E petrol lawn mower is a robust, very efficient and reliable helper for mowing and caring for extensive lawns. Its powerful one-cylinder four-stroke engine with user-friendly electric starting by simple turning of the ignition key generates a high torque for quickly coping with even dense, high growth. A disengageable rear-wheel drive ensures continuous progress and makes it easier to mow large areas. For particularly easy and individual selection of the cutting height the GH-PM 51 S HW-E has a central, 6-level cutting height adjustment facility. The starter cable is easy to reach on the ergonomic long handle, which is very user-friendly thanks to a soft grip and 3-level height adjustment facility and can be folded for storage in minimum space. As a highwheeler, this lawn mower features extra-high rear wheels for easier operation in difficult terrain. All the wheels have ball bearings and come with smooth surfaces for less stress on the lawn. The robust housing is made of attractive, powder-coated sheet steel. With a capacity of approx. 70 liters the hard-wearing half/half grass bag has ample room for long work sessions. Thanks to the level indicator you can see at a glance when it is time to empty the box. In addition the cuttings can be finely shredded by a mulch adapter before they are evenly distributed over the lawn to serve as natural fertilizer. Alternatively, longer grass can be mowed and ejected from the side. The GH-PM 51 S HW-E is recommended for lawns of up to 1,800 m².

Technical Info
Engine four-stroke, air cooled
Engine displacement 163 cm³
Power 2.5 kW
Working speed 2800 min^-1
Capacity of fuel tank 1.5 L
Cutting width 51 cm
Cutting height adjustment 6 settings | 25 - 85 mm | central
Capacity of catch bag 70 L
Wheel diameter front 204 mm
Wheel diameter rear 280 mm
Engine Oil (type;just for four-stroke) 10W30
Logistic Info
Length 900 mm
Width 560 mm
Height 520 mm
Gross weight single packaging 52.9 kg
Product weight 47.7 kg
Product Documents


Identnumber 11013

Download Instructions for GH-PM 51 S HW-E                    
Download Instructions for GH-PM 51 S HW-E                    
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