• High-grade and low-vibration 2-stroke engine
  • Adjustable second (alu bike) handle for easy/precise working
  • Handle with all control elements
  • Long handle made of aluminium tube for tireless working
  • Split shaft for easy transport and space-saving storage
  • 4-tooth blade
  • Twin line spool with automatic jog system
  • Quick start through primer (manual fuel pump) and auto choke
  • Comfort harness
  • Centrifugal clutch for cutting tool
  • Crank shaft mounted at two ends
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Further Information to GH-BC 30 AS (Art. 3401980)


The GH-BC 30 AS petrol scythe is a powerful tool with which you can effortlessly gain control of even stubborn growth in hard-to-reach areas of the garden. The necessary power is supplied by the high-quality, low-vibration 2-stroke engine which has a crankshaft with bilateral bearings. All the controls of the scythe are easy to reach on the universally adjustable, aluminium two-hand handle in bike handle design, enabling very user-friendly and precise handling of the scythe. For effective mowing, the GH-BC 30 AS can be fitted with either a knife or a line spool. One 4-tooth blade and one twin line spool with automatic jog line feed are supplied with this scythe. The GH-BC 30 AS has a sturdy long handle made of aluminium tube, which withstands high stress. Its Quick-Start system with easy-to-reach primer and auto choke enables quick, user-friendly starting. Essential safety on the job is assured by a centrifugal clutch which disengages the cutting tool in idle mode. For comfortable operation there is a high-comfort harness. Thanks to a split shaft, the scythe can be dismantled into two parts in just a few moves for easy transportation and storage in minimum space.

Technical Info
Engine displacement 30.3 cm³
Power 0.8 kW
Capacity of fuel tank 0.8 L
Revolutions of thread spool 5550 rpm
Cutting width 410 mm
Thread diameter 2 mm
Thread length 800 cm
Revolutions of knife 6375 rpm
Cutting width of knife 23 cm
Engine two-stroke, air cooled
Logistic Info
Length 1000 mm
Width 290 mm
Height 310 mm
Gross weight single packaging 10.25 kg
Product weight 6.6 kg
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Identnumber 11012

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