GE-CL 18 Li Kit

  • Battery system - Power X-Change
  • Battery charge level indicator with 3 LEDs
  • Batteries can be used for other Power X-Change products
  • System high-speed chargers included
  • Softgrip for user-friendly operation
  • Small and easy to handle
  • Low weight
  • Here you will find all the product information…

Further Information to GE-CL 18 Li Kit (Art. 3433500)


The GE-CL 18 Li Kit petrol cordless leaf blower is a powerful and reliable tool which enables the quick and user-friendly cleaning of open areas and niches. With the new Power X-Change battery system from Einhell, the cordless leaf blower has an 18 V battery pack with 1.5 Ah for long work sessions. The GE-CL 18 Li Kit has a battery charge level indicator with three LEDs where you can check the current charge level at a glance. In addition, the battery packs can be used for all products from the Power X-Change family. Complete with an additional high-speed charger. The handy size and low weight enable very user-friendly operation where there is no connection to the electric power grid. Thanks to the soft grip, the cordless leaf blower is both pleasant and secure to hold for particularly user-friendly operation.

Technical Info
Accumulator 18 V | 1500 mAh | Li-Ion
Charging time 1/2h
Mains supply of battery charger 230 V | 50 Hz
No-load speed ( idle speed ) 12000 min^-1
Max. operating time 10 min
Blow velocity 210 km/h
Number of accumulators 1 Pieces
Logistic Info
Length 490 mm
Width 155 mm
Height 192 mm
Gross weight single packaging 2.73 kg
Product weight 1.73 kg
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Identnumber 11012

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