TE-JS 18 Li-Solo

  • Member of the Power X-Change family
  • Very smooth operation for exact cutting
  • Selectable pendulum action for fast cutting
  • Universal blade holder without tools
  • Includes dust blow-off function for optimum visibility
  • LED light to illuminate the cutting area
  • Integrated plastic sliding element for sensitive workpieces
  • Additional attachable cutting line guide for exact cutting
  • Complete with chip guard for cuts without splintering
  • Supplied without battery and charger (available separately)
  • Here you will find all the product information…

Further Information to TE-JS 18 Li-Solo (Art. 4321200)


The TE-JS 18 Li – Solo cordless jigsaw is a member of the Power X-Change family and is powered by lithium ion rechargeable batteries with a battery management system for a long life. The system battery packs are compatible with all tools from the Power X-Change family. The chip guard and attachable cutting line guide enable precise cuts without splintering. An LED light for illuminating the cutting area together with the practical dust blow-off function ensure that the user has a perfect view of the workpiece at all times. Supplied without battery and charger. These are available separately.

Technical Info
Number of strokes 2400 min^-1
Stroke height 25.4 mm
Cutting depth in wood 80 mm
Cutting depth in plastic 12 mm
Cutting depth in steel 10 mm
Max. bevel cuts 47 °
Toolless saw blade change yes
Logistic Info
Length 235 mm
Width 90 mm
Height 225 mm
Gross weight single packaging 2.33 kg
Product weight 1.82 kg
Product Documents


Identnumber 11013

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