TH-AC 190/6 OF

  • Oil-free, service-free motor
  • Mobile compressor with compressed air reservoir
  • Ergonomic construction for easy transport
  • Practical cord wrap
  • Many applications up to 8 bar adjustable by pressure controller
  • Pressure gauge and quick-lock couplings for controlled pressure
  • Foot with sucker cup
  • 10 years warranty against rusting-through of the tank
  • Safety valve
  • Here you will find all the product information…

Further Information to TH-AC 190/6 OF (Art. 4020495)


With this very mobile and compact compressor TH-AC 190/6 OF, you can execute many simple works needing compressed air yourself in household, garden and garage, or for camping. Due to a compressed air reservoir and a vessel volume of 6 liters, small works can be done without a new start of the motor. As the air compressor works without lubrication, the device is oil-free and low-maintenance. In this way, the device can be transported comfortably in each position. The TH-AC 190/6 OF compressor can be adjusted variably for many applications from 0 to 8 bar by means of a pressure regulator. Thereby, the regulated operation pressure is controlled at the pressure reducer, displayed by a pressure gauge and received at the quick-lock coupling. Due to its safety valve, the safety of the operator is provided optimally. The ergonomical construction enables an optimal operation and easy transport. The foot is equipped with a suction cup function for safe work, and the practical cable winding cares for quick orderliness after the work has been finished. A 10-years warranty against rusting-through of the solidely constructed, long-life vessel is included.

Technical Info
Mains supply 230 V | 50 Hz
Max. engine power (S3 | S3%) 1100 W | 25 %
Engine speed 4000 min^-1
Suction capacity 185 L/min
Output power at 0 bar 139 L/min
Output power at 4 bar 77 L/min
Output power at 7 bar 60 L/min
Max. operating pressure 8 bar
Number of cylinders 1 Pieces
Tank volume 6 L
Logistic Info
Length 352 mm
Width 312 mm
Height 365 mm
Gross weight single packaging 10.62 kg
Product weight 9.21 kg
Product Documents


Identnumber 11012

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