TC-BG 200

  • 4 rubber feet for safe, low-vibration stand
  • Adjustable work supports for different applications
  • Compact robust metal construction for a long service life
  • Zero-play ball-bearing shaft enables precise operations
  • Adjustable spark reflectors for safe operations
  • Laterally closed guard hoods for safe operations
  • Included coarse and fine grinding disk (K36/K60)
  • For massive reparations, shape corrections and polished sections
  • For easy reparations as well as resharpening of cuts
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The bench grinder TC-BG 200 is a compact, powerful machine for grinding of broaches, deburring and sharpening of blades, shape corrections, etc. in the workshop and the garage. For versatile rough and fine grinding jobs a coarse (K36) and fine (K60) grinding disk is included in delivery. The zero-play ball-bearing shaft enables vibration-free running for sharp grinding results. The grinder´s housing is made of a robust, heavy compact metal construction and stands securely on 4 non-slip vibration-absorbing rubber feet. The device has adjustable work supports that can be easily fitted to every grinding job. Adjustable spark reflectors and guard hoods closed laterally ensure safety during grinding.

Technical Info
Mains supply 230 V | 50 Hz
Max. power (S2 | S2time) 400 W | 30 min
Idle speed 2950 min^-1
Grinding wheels 200 mm x 32 mm x 25 mm
Logistic Info
Length 426 mm
Width 270 mm
Height 290 mm
Gross weight single packaging 13.05 kg
Product weight 11.8 kg
Product Documents


Identnumber 11014

Download Instructions for TC-BG 200                
Download Instructions for TC-BG 200                                  
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