TE-CC 1825 U

  • Carbide-coated precision saw blade
  • The format slide ensures precise cuts
  • 2in1 saw blade adjustment (height and angle)
  • Table extends to the right and left for wide workpieces
  • Full-length stop rail for extra-wide workpieces
  • Anodized table surface for outstanding sliding properties
  • Parallel stop with eccentric clamp on both sides
  • Cross stop with angle scale
  • Saw blade guard with chip extractor connection
  • Housing with chip extractor connection for a clean workplace
  • Includes base frame for stability
  • With height-adjustable feet for adjustment to uneven ground
  • Integrated chassis and handles ensure mobility
  • Push stick with holder
  • Overload switch
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Further Information to TE-CC 1825 U (Art. 4340550)


The TE-CC 1825 U format circular saw is a high-quality and powerful tool with which ambitious DIY enthusiasts can perform clean sizing and edging jobs, including miter cuts. Made of carbide, the precision saw blade can be adjusted in height and angle and delivers clean, powerful cuts. The base frame provides stability and can be adapted exactly to uneven ground thanks to the height-adjustable feet. The anodized saw table and the slide of the TE-CC 1825 U format circular saw offer impressively good sliding properties for a uniform feed and precise, fluid sawing. The saw comes with a parallel stop with eccentric clamp and a cross stop with angle scale, allowing precise, accurate angle cuts to be achieved at any time. The saw blade guard and the housing of the machine also are provided with a chip extractor connection to ensure a clean workplace. The table width extension on both sides and the full-length stop rail allow extra wide workpieces to be sawn conveniently. The integrated chassis and the handles deliver sufficient mobility. An overload switch and the necessary push stick, which is always within reach in its own holder, ensure the requisite safety when working.

Technical Info
Idle speed 4500 min^-1
Saw blade 250 mm x 30 mm
Number of saw teeth 48 Pieces
Swiveling range of saw blade 49 °
Max. cutting height at 45° 53 mm
Max. cutting height at 90° 75 mm
Height adjustment continuous Stepless
Swiveling range of cross fence -60° ... 60°
Size of sliding table 625 mm x 150 mm
Sliding length 770 mm
Size of working table 625 mm x 500 mm
Working height 89 cm
Diameter of suction adapter 36 mm
Logistic Info
Length 800 mm
Width 750 mm
Height 340 mm
Gross weight single packaging 31.8 kg
Product weight 18.35 kg
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Identnumber 11011

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