TE-TS 1825 U

  • Carbide-coated precision saw blade
  • 2in1 saw blade adjustment (height and angle)
  • Powder-coated table width extension for wide workpieces
  • Full-length stop rail for extra-wide workpieces
  • Anodized table surface for outstanding sliding properties
  • Parallel stop with eccentric clamp plus cross stop
  • Saw blade guard with chip extractor connection
  • Housing with chip extractor connection for a clean workplace
  • Magnifying glass ensures ergonomic reading of the scale
  • Includes base frame for stability
  • With height-adjustable feet for adjustment to uneven ground
  • Push stick with holder
  • Overload switch
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Further Information to TE-TS 1825 U (Art. 4340560)


The TE-TS 18255 U bench-type circular saw is a powerful device with which ambitious DIY enthusiasts can make exact longitudinal cuts and angle cuts in solid wood, fiberboard and many other materials. It is supplied with a carbide-tipped precision saw blade, the height and angle of which can be adjusted individually using the 2in1 saw blade adjustment. The powder-coated table width extension and the full-length stop rail allow particularly wide workpieces to be sawn without any problem. The anodized table surface of the TE-TS 1825 U bench-type circular saw offers outstanding sliding properties, enabling a uniform feed for precise, fluid sawing. The parallel stop has a full-length aluminium rail for use over the complete width, even when the table width extensions are fitted. The cross stop allows precise angle cuts to be achieved. The saw blade guard and the housing of the machine also are provided with a chip extractor connection to ensure a clean workplace. A magnifying glass with numerical scale makes it easier to read off the dimensions exactly. An overload switch ensures safety when working. The push stick that is also is required for safety reasons has its own holder, where it is always within reaching distance. The sturdy base frame for stability with height-adjustable feet for perfect adjustment to uneven ground is already included in the scope of supply.

Technical Info
Mains supply 230-240 V | 50 Hz
Power 1500 W
Max. power (S6 | S6%) 1800 W | 40 %
Idle speed 6000 min^-1
Saw blade 250 mm x 30 mm
Number of saw teeth 24 Pieces
Swiveling range of saw blade 45 °
Max. cutting height at 45° 53 mm
Max. cutting height at 90° 75 mm
Height adjustment continuous 0-75 mm
Working height 890 mm
Size of working table 610 mm x 445 mm
Table broadening left 608 mm x 250 mm
Table broadening right 608 mm x 250 mm
Table length extension back side 320 mm x 435 mm
Logistic Info
Length 715 mm
Width 580 mm
Height 360 mm
Gross weight single packaging 27.67 kg
Product weight 24.45 kg
Product Documents


Identnumber 11011

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