TC-BJ 900

  • Infinitely adjustable angle setting
  • Infinitely adjustable height setting
  • 3-step quick adjustment of cutting depth
  • Large base plate
  • Solid aluminium design
  • Spindle lock for easy cutter change
  • Face spanner for cutter change
  • Dust bag
  • Transport and storage case
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Clean joints are made possibly by the TC-BJ 900 biscuit jointer. Using this handy, powerful too, ambitious DIY enthusiasts can produce perfect butt joints and cabinet joints for numerous applications. Complicated structures are possible thanks to the infinitely variable angle and height setting facility. The routing depth can be set to three different levels easily by using the quick-adjust facility. A large base plate made of solid aluminium lends the TC-BJ 900 high stability for perfect, exact routing. The spindle lock enables fast cutter change. Among the accessories are a face spanner for changing the cutter, a dust bag for clean operation, and a transport and storage case in which the biscuit jointer and accessories can be neatly stored ready to hand.

Technical Info
Mains supply 230 V | 50 Hz
Power 860 W
Idle speed 11000 min^-1
Groove cutter 100 mm x 22 mm x 3.8 mm
Max. router depth 14 mm
Tilt angle adjustment 90 °
Logistic Info
Length 430 mm
Width 170 mm
Height 230 mm
Gross weight single packaging 4.6 kg
Product weight 3.25 kg
Product Documents


Identnumber 11014

Download Instructions for TC-BJ 900                        
Download Instructions for TC-BJ 900                
Download Instructions for TC-BJ 900                
Download Instructions for TC-BJ 900                
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