GC-MT 3060 LD

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The GC-MT 3060 LD petrol hoe provides ambitious DIY enthusiasts with a practical and powerful garden tool for highly effective soil cultivation. A single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a crank shaft with bilateral bearings ensures high performance and smooth running. Speedy progress even through firm soil is assured by the robust cultivator blades. A height-adjustable brake shoe makes it easy to adjust the working depth. For safe operation the GC-MT 3060 LD comes with a hoe blade stop function – as soon as you let go of the switch, a dead man's circuit will shut down the blades. Side limiting discs ensure precise guidance. For user-friendly and effortless changes of location there is a swiveling guide wheel. Optimum adaptation of the hoe to users of all sizes is possible thanks to the ergonomic, height-adjustable steady grips.

Informações técnicas
Motor four-stroke, air cooled
Cilindrada 139 cm³
Potência 3 kW
Rotações de serviço 3600 min^-1
Capacidade 2.2 L
Largura de trabalho 60 cm
Profundidade de trabalho 230 mm
Fresas 6 Pieces | 260 mm
Informações logística
Comprimento 700 mm
Largura 415 mm
Altura 720 mm
Peso bruto 42.6 kg
Peso produto 37 kg
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Identnumber 11014

Download Instructions for GC-MT 3060 LD                        
Download Instructions for GC-MT 3060 LD                  
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