GE-CH 1846 Li

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The GE-CH 1846 Li cordless hedge trimmer is an efficient tool which thanks to its low weight and handy size provides good service for the trimming of hedges, shrubs and bushes on large grounds and allotments where there is no connection to the electric power grid. For a long service life the gearing is made of metal, for clean cutting results the blades are made of laser-cut and diamond-ground steel. The integrated two-hand safety switch brings the cutters to a standstill in less than 1 second when a switch is released. The cutters are protected by an aluminium cover. The shock guard has a hole for wall mounting and enables this cordless hedge trimmer to be stored away in an instant in minimum space. The GE-CH 1846 Li comes with a sturdy cutter guard for safe and user-friendly transportation or storage. No battery or charger included.

Informações técnicas
Blade length 520 mm
Comprimento máx. de corte 46 cm
Distância entre dentes 15 mm
Cortes por minuto 2200 min^-1
Informações logística
Peso produto 2
Comprimento 892 mm
Largura 180 mm
Altura 185 mm
Peso bruto 2.6 kg
Peso produto 2 kg
Gross weight export carton 12.4 kg
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Identnumber 11023

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